Please donate to our sister’s classroom

Rachel Gallimore, XDA President ’12, has a huge favor to ask of us:

Hey everyone! For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am in my first year in Teach for America and I am teaching in a school right outside of DC. I teach PreK-8th grade Spanish in Capitol Heights, Maryland. There are about 530 students in my school and this year I am teaching about 150 of them. I really do love teaching at my school, but with the limited resources available it is sometimes difficult to give my kids what they deserve in a classroom. Up until this point, I have bought everything in my room with my own money since I don’t receive anything from my school – pencils, pens, a carpet for the younger kids, folders, bins, markers, dry erase markers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc. However, since my fabulous teachers salary doesn’t allow much, it has been difficult to even get basic supplies for my classroom.

Please take a minute to consider donating to my classroom and helping my kids! AND if you donate before January 3 and use the match code INSPIRE when you check out, your donation will be matched by Donors Choose! All donations are tax deductible and you can see EXACTLY what your money is going towards! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!! Thank you all very much and I hope you have had an amazing holiday!


Happy Holidays

Wishing all sisters and their families safe and happy visits over the holidays.

What are some of you favorite holiday traditions?

Please comment and share ūüôā


Service Day Success

Hello Sisters,

Service Day was this past March 24th and it was, as the title suggests, a success!

Despite the rainy miserable weather, Liz Bickerstaff, Service Day Chair, and her committee welcomed the incoming volunteers to breakfast and registration in Wallace Hall atrium. Each volunteer signed a waiver and received a name tag with a certain sticker indicating which project they were going to.  By 9:00 am the atrium was filled with pledges, sisters, various volunteers and, of course, alumni.

After everyone got their fill of bagels, pastries, fruit, casseroles, various juices and milk, Rachel Gallimore, the president, and Liz Bickerstaff  welcomed the group. Codes of conduct and instructions were addressed, as we all remember, then it was time for pictures. It was so warming to see all the sisters and pledges gathering for their pictures. I had flashbacks of my first Service Day in 2007, wearing my first Service Day shirt.

It was such a pleasure to meet the newest pledges and the new sisters from last year.  The final count of volunteers, including sisters and alumni, was around 100 people. Snaps to the Service day committee! Although it was a rainy day, the feed back from everyone was positive.  Project jokes and new friendships changed the rain into a very rewarding and sunny day.

Special thanks to the alumni who made the trip, Jessica Catley ’10, Kayla Czech ’10, Erica Swanson ’11, Chelsea Hickey ’11, Lindsay Clayton ’11, Katie Kosloski ’11, Beth Delurey ’11 and of course myself.

Congratulations again to the Service Day Committee. We can’t wait to come back next year.

Cassie Krause ’10

Alumni Chapters!

Hey Ladies,

There has been a lot of buzz about Alumni Chapters so here is the scoop:

We have one chapter up and running in the DC/NOVA/MD area.  If you live in that area, visit the page and fill out the form to let us know where you are and that you would like to be added to our chapter member list.  You can receive communications about events and other great ways to connect with sisters in the area!

We are in the process of starting the Richmond Alumni Chapter!  If you are in the area please request to be added to the facebook group and fill out the form on the Alumni Chapter page so we can update our database.  We are starting to build the leadership team for this chapter also so if you are interested in being a little more involved than just attending the events email us at

We have had interest in starting a NRV Chapter and NC Chapter as well, please let us know if you would be interested in getting involved!

You can visit the page for Alumni Chapters and fill in the form with where you are located and if you would be interested in being involved in or leading an Alumni Chapter in that area!

Thanks for helping us out!

XDA Love,

Erica Swanson ’11


Message from Amanda Paez

Fellow Alumni,

It is with a sad heart that we share this information with you from Amanda Paez.  The Paez family is dealing with a terrible loss and I know they would greatly appreciate the support of our XDA sisterhood.  Please see the message from Amanda below.

I am so saddened to share that my father, Maximo Reynoso Paez, passed away yesterday morning with Angela and myself at his side. I will forever be grateful for his love and support, his life lessons and guidance.  His faith in God has given us solace at this sad time, and I look forward to seeing both Mum and Dad again one day.  We know that Dad is not in any more pain and that he is dancing with the love of his life once again.

The link above will take you to Daddy’s obituary. Please pass it on as you see fit. Please contact me for funeral information.

We are meeting with our priest tomorrow to go over the Mass. If any of you have funny stories, memories, or anything about my dad you found awesome, please email them to me tonight. Father Jarek will give the eulogy and we would like give him some different perspectives on my Dad.
Angela and I are doing well- as well as can be expected.  Thank you all so much for the support, love, and prayers that you have given us- we draw strength from it.