What XDA Alumni are doing for the community!

Kelly Daly, XDA President 2010 started a great discussion on facebook to find out what sisters are doing for the community- here is the start of it, leave your comments!


6 comments on “What XDA Alumni are doing for the community!

  1. Kelly Daly ’10:
    I’ve been volunteering for this new non-profit organization in Salt Lake City called One Hour For Life. We teach preventative medicine and nutrition to third world communities. We are going to Ethiopia in 2013. Check out our website or facebook page: http://www.onehourforlife.org.

  2. Stacy Thompson:
    That sounds awesome Kelly! I would looooove to go to Ethiopia. I’ve been really using my XDA skills as well… I am the service learning coordinator at my school, which means that I organize a service day every 6 weeks, arrange outside opportunities for the students, and keep track of their service hours. I work very closely with the Houston Habitat (some of my students live in Habitat homes), the Houston Food bank, organizations like Target Hunger and Feed the Children. I’ve set some of my students up to run a neighborhood garden that grows and sells produce, and another group is working with me to create a mural in a Buffalo Soldier cemetery that we upkeep. It’s been a BIG responsibility as a first year teacher, but SO much fun. I definitely have XDA to thank for knowing how to do any of this.

  3. Erica Neverman:
    I’ve been walking puppies and I’m currently organizing high school student panel discussions through ExxonMobil!

  4. Erica Swanson:
    Right now I am working closely with Project Linus and Special Olympics, surprise surprise đŸ™‚ and I have found my very own Roanoke Rescue Mission in DC called Miriam’s Kitchen, I absolutely love serving breakfast there Wednesday mornings! If anyone in the area ever wants to join, it is an absolutely amazing place to volunteer!

  5. Zeina Touré:
    So glad to read all of these! I currently volunteer at a community-based program that serves mostly Somali refugees. It has an after-school program for kids 3-17, and we help with homework, and connect families with external resources. The kids are soooo cute (and so crazy) and it’s a really great time. When I’m not there or at school, I volunteer at a homeless shelter in Denver called St. Francis Center. Probably my favorite part of the week. The people there are so kind and it’s a VERY humbling experience. It’s great you’re still doing Special O, Erica. I would love to get involved again with Special O out in Denver

  6. Amy Stevens says:

    All of my current volunteer work is with my 11-year-old twins (boy and girl) as they try to satisfy their service requirements for scouts and school. In Montgomery County, MD there is a 75-hour requirement for high-school graduation, and students may begin working towards that requirement beginning in middle school. In the first 2 months of 6th grade, both kids satisfied half of that requirement. They seem to enjoy helping others (yay!) and have a particular fondness for working with animals. It’s fun to sign them up for the different activities (with their permission, of course) and watch as they experience the many ways to help people, organizations, animals, and the environment.

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