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Dear DC/NOVA/MD Sisters,

We are excited to start this as XDA’s first Alumni Chapter!  The idea has been in sisters head’s for quite some time and now that some of us sisters are alumni we are ready to get this up and running!  So far this year we have had a few successful events watching VT football together at Bailey’s in Ballston which is the perfect way to reconnect.  We would love to keep this up throughout the year (unfortunately it can’t be football season all the time) so if you live in the area  please visit our Facebook page  DC/NOVA/MD, and tell us what you are interested in doing.  The goal is to reconnect sisters, introduce alumni of all ages, enjoy our service past time and create a strong network of amazing women in the area that new alumni can reach out to and look forward to a long standing relationship with!
If you have any ideas about the DC/NOVA/MD Alumni Chapter please don’t hesitate to reach out to Cassie Krause or Erica Swanson

Love, Your (Arlington) sister in service,

Erica Swanson
Class of 2011


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