Alumni Day Recap!

Thank you to all those that attended Alumni Day 2012.  Lara Mash and Kristen Leitch did an amazing job planning such a wonderful event to connect the Alumni, current sisterhood and pledges over a celebration of service and accomplishments!  Our founder Angi Ma Wong joined us for both the service round robin and alumni dinner which was an excellent opportunity for all to be reminded of where our amazing sisterhood began and inspired to pursue a brighter future for our communities through a dedication to service.

Here are some of the fun/random/interesting facts she shared with us:

  • Our colors are Yellow and Green because of the Yellow Rose, and that is our symbol because it was Angi’s favorite flower.  In fact, her wedding bouquet was full of yellow roses and white daisies.  The butterfly was added as a symbol of our sisterhood later.
  • We were not only the first women’s service organization on campus but also one of the first women’s organizations overall.  When she attended Tech, there were only 200 women students, no sororities and all the fraternities were called “off campus, men’s social clubs”  Angi and 13 of her friends decided it was just not right that there was not an organization for women to be involved in serving the community.
  • Chi Delta Alpha’s first service project was a fundraiser- they sold baked goods to the German Club.  Sounds similar to what we did last year 🙂
  • Though our organization is constantly growing and changing, Angi said our pledge has not changed since the sisterhood was founded

“We, of Chi Delta Alpha, united in the bonds of sisterhood, pledge always to be dedicated to the community through unselfish service”

Looking forward to keeping up the tradition through a strong alumni network!

Your sister in service,
Erica Swanson ’11


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